MBD Group Publishing – The Country’s Pride

Opting for a new publishing house is always a good idea. But when you have to choose between a random publishing house and an experienced one like the MBD Group, then choosing the one with MORE THAN FIVE  decades of work experience backing it is always the best idea. Having a futuristic visionary as its Chairman and Managing Director, the group made its name due to its excellent job in the publishing sector over the last few decades. Now, it has its offices in almost all the major Indian cities. Apart from that, it has its client-base across the world..

It is probably the only publishing house in India which has published book for people belonging to all age groups.  If you consider every literate citizen of India, you are sure to find out that the publishing works of the group has left its mark on them at some point of time in their life. Over the years, it has published books for all classes, languages, educational boards, subjects etc. With nearly 36 branch offices all across the length and breadth of this vast country, the group believes in spreading knowledge and enlightenment to all the people across the world. Because with real knowledge comes the power and energy which boosts you to do something worthy for the sake of mankind.

It is also perhaps the only publishing house in India which has its own paper manufacturing plant. Not only can it supply superior-quality paper to other publishing houses which depend on it, but it also ensures a steady paper supply for its own publishing business. A completely self-sustained publishing house, it has a separate unit for editing, type-setting, designing and all other associated jobs which come with publishing. Not having to depend on anyone for publishing its books, the books which they publish are all of exceptional quality.

There are more than 8000 brands published by the group alone, apart from the joint ventures. Apart from distributing knowledge by paper, the group has  ventured into e-learning. MBD Alchemie which is widely recognized and  believes in spreading knowledge to every nook and corner of this vast land and creating a platform for students, teachers, authors, parents, corporate, schools and colleges, universities and governments etc. Targeting every learner, this new and unique strategy will definitely take methodology in India to an all-new level.

With a client-base all over the world and being the leader of publishing houses in India, the MBD Group is ready to take methodology in India to an all new level by its e-learning initiative. One of the best publishing houses in the country, the MBD Group’s primary focus to spread knowledge to all parts of the world.

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