MBD Group – A Name to Reckon With

Many business houses are there in such a vast country as India, but very few are there which have ventured into all known areas concerning the everyday life of an average Indian and been successful. The MBD Group is a winner in its own right. Apart from being a leading publishing house of the country, it has its own paper manufacturing unit which is known across the country for its superior quality papers. To create a wider knowledge base across the country, the group has also launched a knowledge portal, MBD Alchemie which focuses on creating a platform for people belonging to all age-groups and sections of the society.

The Radisson MBD Hotel in Noida (Delhi NCR) is an example of the way in which the group has silently but steadily entered the hospitality business. This five-star hotel in this industrial township is fully owned and managed by the MBD Group, for which it has entered into a franchise agreement with Radisson Hotels and Resorts. Over the last four years, the Radisson MBD Hotel has defined itself to be a trendsetter amongst all the other big names in Noida. The exquisite restaurants which it houses, “Made In India”, “RED” and “S-18” have been objects of pride for the hotel. It has its own pastry shop “The Chocolate Box” which has taken chocolate designing to quite another level. The spa and fitness club is also another reason why it received the “Best Franchise of the Year” award. Designed to be a synergy of arts and fashion of the recent as well as the bygone era, the whole building has the glorious touch of an artist who has forgotten his surroundings and has worked for the sake of art and beauty only. The hotel has been a source of pride for Noida and is sure to emerge soon as a major franchise across the country.

MBD Group has recently turned their visionary eye to shake the very foundation of food courts in India, by opening their own food-court, Gigabite. It is such a place where you can get foods and services which can compared to that of a 5-star alone at very reasonable prices. The well-stocked bar is another reason why should always opt for it.

In spite of being one of the largest publishing houses in India, the MBD Group has emerged a champion in all other areas. Be it the luxurious 5-star Radisson MBD Hotel in Noida or the trendsetting food-court Gigabite, this group is a name to reckon with.

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