Know Everything About The MBD Group History And All Other Details

MBD Group is the one of the unique publication house in India, for its more than 5 decades experience in publishing  books for all boards ,every class and in all spoken  language. The group has also in ventured in hospitality, mixed land development , stationary and also e learning. 

Are you curious about to know what MBD Group is? So read this article and know more about this group. It is 40 years experienced best and largest Publication House of the India. Well to be truthful enough, there has been a lot many publishing house in the country and that too are very much reputed for facilitating their readers with a quality material of writing but this group do carry their own class of materials when t comes to publishing a better and classified writings. The most fascinating fact about this concern s that this is one of those publishers who has been maintaining a quality and well researched material in all types and respect f writing. This is one of the best Publication houses of the India for his complete background, because it got their own paper manufacturing unit for –

        • Designing,
        • Editing,
        • Type setting.
        • Binding.
        • Offset printing

After all this process ultimately it distributed to reader by his own distribution network. In India there are 32 branch offices for Distribution. This group has –

        • Employees – 3000,
        • Distributors – 1000,
        • Booksellers -  10000

This MBD publication is a unique publication, because the book of all classes, all subjects are published by this group in all languages. It also published Technical books and children’s book all over the world. More than 8,000 titles are under this publication currently.

MBD publication is also published the book in foreign country like UK, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Gulf countries, Nepal and Bangladesh.. This group is also opened its new food court brand, which is under the name of Gigabite. In This 20000 sq. ft. food court everyone can enjoy with his own environment. Now Gigabite is in Jalandhar & Ludhiana.

Currently this group developed a new brand, name –“The MBD Neopolis. The MBD Neopolis has two projects. While MBD Neopolis Ludhiana is doing extremely well in Ludhiana the MBD Neopolis jalandhar  will be launched in March 2012 . This group has 8 year experience in Hospitality.

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