The Products And Features Of MBD Ecademy

Ecademy is a learning solution created by MBD Group with intent to support teachers both inside and outside the classroom. Ecademy with its rich features, an interactive content and a supporting system, presents the teacher with a friendly environment and a set of tools. This helps the teacher to visualize and create an interactive environment for the students by bringing abstract concepts to life. Let us see how MBD Ecademy works:- 

MBD Test Series:
Design  based on the latest ‘physcometric principles’, our test engine tests each student on the basis of his current skill level and the level of improvement that the student exhibits. This enables a student to keep a track of his/her performance and provides him/her a qualitative assessment for focused improvement. A huge repository of questions (with instant evaluation, time-based assignments, answers with reasoning and learning support) will ensure improve the performance.

Self Study:
Every student is unique and so is his/her learning curve. Our learning system is filled with interactive/ rich content which is designed keeping in mind every single student’s expectation.  The learning material is organized in a fashion that is easily accessible and which enables the students to grasp it at their own pace and time.

Ecademy comprises of a bouquet of services for schools, students and teachers. The basic package includes Classroom-based Training Modules, Teacher Support Kit and other support services. The ecademy classroom-based training module is a blend of traditional and modern learning methods, where the modern classroom provides an environment for the students to put their textual knowledge and practical skills to use. Outfitting your modern classroom is not a tough challenge once you understand the necessary components required so that you can plan for an open and interactive learning environment. MBD Alchemie will support the evolution from academies and classrooms to ecademy.

The content comes with the following features like Animations, Wordbank, Mind Booster, Simulation, Visual Glossary, Lab experiments, Fun Zone and interactive Exercises. We use multiple approaches for explaining each concept, such as Real World Scenarios, Narrative Based and Fable Based explanations.

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