About MBD Alchemie And Its Value Propositions

MBD Alchemie’s objective is to provide enriched content with advanced learning aids to facilitate teachers and to make learning an interesting experience for students. 

In a constantly changing learning environment, teaching is no longer restricted to traditional classroom methods. At MBD, we are firmly committed to support schools, teachers and students to adapt to the paradigm shift in teaching and learning methodology. MBD endeavors to share its heritage and experience of the last 50 years with students and teachers for result oriented learning solutions. Let us know about the Value Propositions -

For Students:

  •  Makes concepts easier to understand
  • Class becomes more interesting and engaging
  • Encourages collaborative learning
  • Quick review assignments
  • Repository of solved examples/model test questions
  • Overall improvement in academic performance
  • All-round growth of the child

For Teachers:
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable content
  • Interactive Teaching technique enables better response from students
  • Minimal class preparation time involved
  • Readily available assignments / projects
  • Teacher Notes/Guide

For Schools:
  • Perfect complement to the conventional teaching model
  • Building of ICT infrastructure in the school
  • Support to the school in adopting to changes in courses
  • Inclusion of the school in the Partners in Education programme
  • Year round support for new improvements in the course design / content

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