MBD Group Ecademy Provides Effective Learning And Teachings Experience

Let us talked about MBD Group’s ecademy learning program, in details. As per learning expert, people have eight forms of intelligence. Namely, Linguistic, Logical, Intrapersonal (Smart people), Intrapersonal (Myself Smart), Musical, Naturalist, Naturalistic and Kinaesthetic. Our learning system is designed taking into account these areas of intelligence. It supports the teacher in identifying student quotient levels and utilizes our learning system for more effective learning and teaching experiences.

MBD Alchemie combines the best of traditional education and modern learning. The project objective is to present the tasks through direct interaction. This is done through the use of interactive technologies, while at the same time, promotion of activities that promote a student to interact with other students and teachers, both face to face, and with the help of advanced technology.

Ecademy is a learning solution created with the intention of supporting teachers, both inside and outside the classroom. Ecademy with its features, interactive content and a support system, provides the teacher with a friendly atmosphere and a set of tools. This helps the teacher to view and create an interactive environment for students by bringing abstract concepts to life.

Each student is unique and so is his / her learning curve. MBD Group learning system is full of interactive and rich, designed as per the expectations and learning ability of each student. The learning material is organized in a way that is easily accessible and allows students to understand in their own pace and time. 

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